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hey bitches this is my new home its just like bolt lol im going to make this site for band's and lyric's and a couple of pages for my best friends ok if i forgot to add you just email me ok and tell me and also add what you want me to say about you and what is your favorite things like food drinks,movies,shows,cartoons,band's,music,sites, ok stuff like that ok well bye

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ok im squid ok and i got two site that im working on right now ok im going to add a page for each of my favorite band and my friends favorite band's ok and im going to look for pic's of those bands and lyric's ok and if any of ya out there have links or pic's of any of the bands im going to add here just email me ok or if you have a band you want to add to my site just ask me ok and send me the name of the band and if you have pic's of the band send it to ok bye now

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hey email me here ok if ya want me to add a band ya like ok or if you have any pic's of the band's im going to add here ok or if you have any dbz or other anime pic's ok or links bye so email me

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